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Little History about the Caribbean

Indians were the first inhabitants in the Caribbean, then, in 1492, Christopher Columbus started his geographic expedition of these islands, becoming the first European to explore into the Caribbean.

 After shoring in the Bahama Islands, Columbus named these islands the Indies, since he believed he had finally achieved Asia and the East Indies.

 Many adventurers followed in his way, then colonists arrived from the Americas and Europe. Included in that mix were religious outcasts, slaves from Africa, and a small army of infamous buccaneers.

 Great military powers would battle for dominance of the islands, and at last, a mixed blend of African and European civilizations and languages transformed this extensive group of islands and its peoples into one of the premier tourist destinations on the world.

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Addressed as West Indies, the general area is now usually referred to as the Caribbean, a name that became popular after Second World War. Note: actually the Bahamas are not considered a part of the Caribbean, however, we list them here because of their cultural, geographical and political associations with the Greater Antilles, and other Caribbean Islands.